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See which cities receive the most searches and which cities have the highest yields.

View our heat map to see trending real estate opportunities around the world.

Use our search history to learn where the market is heading.

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Find Out Who Your Audience Is

Estateya Analytics are intelligence-based! Our crowdsourcing engine makes predictive analysis by gathering data about the collective interests and market trends in real estate. You can then view that data on your dashboard and use it to better understand who your product’s or service’s target audience is, what they are looking for, and how to reach them.

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Why a Great Database Can Change the World

Estateya’s Vision: “Make the real estate investment market open, accessible, and simple for all”.

Estateya’s unique analytics technology is set to deliver the power of big data, business intelligence, and predictive analysis, bringing us one step closer to turning our vision into reality.

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